About BoxyCoin

BoxyCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for everyday use which improves upon the original Bitcoin. Trading in Boxy provides individuals and businesses with a much faster, more efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions.

Unlike second wave 'Proof of Stake' crypto coins, BoxyCoin utilizes the orthodox 'Proof of Work' protocol incorporating hard-coded persistance scaling. This means there is a fixed available supply, which is important in determining Boxy's value and sustaining a limited market. Every coin held is a representation of your stake in the boxy movement and your share of ARTAX technology. Boxy has an allocation of 3% for adoption/bounties/rewards and 0.3% for BOXY and ARTAX development.

Anonymity Election

Boxy uses multiple anonymity networks such as Tor and I2P. The ARTAX backbone of the network enables cache persistance over exit and entry nodes.

Fantasic community support

BoxyCoin is not a private company funded by ICO's or a Pre-Sale. Coin's can only be minted by mining. All of the development and marketing is supported by members of the BoxyCoin community.

Accelerated transactions

Boxy transaction speeds are extremely fast compared to Bitcoin. ARTAX node technology allows transaction confirmation times to drop to less than 5 seconds.

Active development team with many contributors

The development team is heavily experienced in blockchain technology and is always in close contact with the community. You can easily reach the main developers for support or new ideas about Boxy.

ARTAX Seamless Integration

One of the new features of an ARTAX backend is encryption cache persistance which allows for peer and node info to be translated and scaled over all nodes in one seamless integration.

Decentralized and open-source

Boxy is a decentralized currency based on an open-source platform. There is no central control over the currency. The open-source ARTAX backend is set to revolutionize the idea of the blockchain.


Release schedule is updated quarterly.

Masternode Specs and Announcement

9th of Feb 2018

Masternode Release / Windows Wallet / Mac OSX Wallet / Linux Wallet / Upgraded Node

24th of Feb 2018

Android Wallet Release with Masternode functionality.

25th of March 2018

Artax Platform Release

Deployment of Encryption Cache Persistence on Artax with Boxy Sister-Chain. Platform Announcement

Q2,Q3 2018

Boxy and Artax Integration

ARTAX ECP Storage and Exchange Protocol to go live, Streamed Services.

Q3, 2018

ARTAX Node Testing Phase

First ARTAX testing phase - on hosted servers to faciltate anonymous networking tx scaling.

Q4, 2018
Total coins 100,000,000
Premine 3.3%(3% REWARDS / DEV+FOUNDATION 0.3%)
Block time target 65 seconds
Block reward POW 30 halving at 900,000 blocks
Maturity 8 Hours
MN Collateral 10,000BOXY
Transaction confirmation 6
RE TARGET 10 minutes
Port 21524
Rpc port 21523
Masternode Reward 50%
Block reward Staking NIL

The boxycoin Mission

There are many reasons why you should make the move from traditional currency to BoxyCoin. BoxyCoin not only provides people with financial freedom but will also save businesses billions of dollars each year in merchant fees. As Boxy is decentralized, there are next to no fees for sending and receiving payments. This means indivduals and businesses of all sizes have an alternative to charges associated with taking payments for their goods and services. Getting started with BoxyCoin couldn't be easier, all you need to do is download the wallet and from there you can create as many wallet addresses as you please. For more information on how to get started get intouch with our community on IRC

The Boxy mission is to sustain a currency worthy of lasting generations, and not money that will be losing its value or controlled by a few. To create a currency that will be recognized beyond political affiliations, geographical boarders, or nationalities. BoxyCoin is a truly democratic form of money. It represents an alternative way of thinking about saving, economic freedom, and privacy in financial transactions. Anyone can save and exchange value in a completely transparent way without having to trust each other or any central authority. No ICO, No Funding. Sole Community Project.
Please Contribute to the Github!

download the boxy wallets





Download Boxy Wallet and BoxyCore software for Windows.



Download the BoxyCore Wallet software for Mac OS.



Download the BoxyCore Wallet software for Linux.



Download the Boxy Wallet for Android.


source github

Browse the GitHub source code
and download the Blockchain.

Paper Wallet




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boxycoin exchanges



Stocks.exchange   Southxchange


  d-btcC-PatEx CoinsMarkets 


BoxyCoin can be purchased for trading on the above exchanges. More to come

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boxycoin block explorer



  • wallet
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  • miner
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  • pool
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  • connect miner

The first step in any mining operation is to download the wallet. You will need a wallet to
generate an address to send the coins you eventually end up mining. You can download the BOXY wallet by selecting “Wallets” from the navigation above.


  • create
  • slow
  • configure
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  • launch

Start your wallet as normal, then goto HELP>DEBUG WINDOW>CONSOLE and type 'setgenerate true'. Mining will then start. If you would like to check your hashrate type 'getmininginfo'. Your wallet must remain open to receive your mined coins


The below miners are compatible with BoxyCoin, which you may use to connect to Mining Pools once initiated.

CGMiner Download
SGMiner Download
CPUMiner Download

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